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  "Founded in 1977, Pacific Hospital Supply Co.,Ltd (PAHSCO) specializes in providing hospitals with disposable medical supplies and centralized medicinal gas piping systems. PAHSCO employs its own R&D and technical engineers as well as operates its own production lines in order to ensure the superior quality that has become synonymous with the PAHSCO brand. As evidence of our efforts, our facilities have obtained GMP, ISO 13485 certification and the majority of our products have received CE certification and/or UL approval. Today we have become an industry leader and a trusted partner to our health care industry clients while exporting over 600 different products to more than 80 countries and regions.
Our products are divided into central medical piping system, operation theatre, Oxygen/ Suction therapy equipment, and disposable medical supply products. PAHSCO provides hospitals the total solution in complete product services and project design to our customers. We have our own engineers, R&D engineers, technical engineers and production lines and develop & manufacture our own brand with 100% guaranty on product quality.
In our efforts to remaining at the top of the industry, we have continually directed substantial resources to the research and development of our products as well as constantly refined our manufacturing process through open communication channels with our clients. We commit ourselves to facilitating our customers to deliver safer, more efficient and effective health care. Caregivers worldwide look to us for their health care solutions because we always put our customers first and strive to exceed their expectations.
We continues to follow its tradition of high quality while expanding to meet the needs of the industry and advancing towards ever brighter future."
Канюли многоразовые Ipas Easy Grip (Изи Грип), PAHSCO
Для МВА подходят канюли IPAS EasyGrip, имеющие диаметр 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 и 12 мм.   Особенности: На рабочем конце канюль малого диаметра, от 4 мм до 8 мм, есть два противоположно лежащих отверстия. Канюли большего диаметра, 9, 10 и 12 мм, имеют одно ложкообразное отверстие для ..
1 400 руб.
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-27% Шприц аспиратор вакуумный Ipas MVA Plus
​   Мануальная вакуумная аспирация (МВА) – метод маточной эвакуации, при котором содержимое матки извлекается через канюлю под действием вакуума.  МВА - простой, безопасный и эффективный метод для проведения абортов и получения образцов эндометрия.     Представлен..
6 000 руб. 4 400 руб.
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